Are Birkenstocks good or bad for your feet? (2024)

Are Birkenstocks good or bad for your feet?

"They're really good for if you have a flat foot or you have arch pain because they have a supportive longitudinal arch. But I would recommend them to most people — unless you have some kind of severe ailment that obviously needs a more personalized approach."

What are the disadvantages of Birkenstocks?

In this article we talk about why strengthening your feet and wearing unsupportive shoes might be a better long term strategy for preventing foot issues than wearing Birkenstocks.
  • Arch Support Makes Your Feet Weak.
  • Stiff Soles Limit Your Foot Mobility.
  • Slides Cause Toe Gripping.
  • Birkenstock Got A Few Things Right.

Why do my feet hurt so bad after wearing Birkenstocks?

You didn't break in your Birkenstocks for long enough

Most people when they are new to Birkenstocks and buy a new pair, they believe that they can wear them like their other shoes, with very little break-in period, or none at all. With Birkenstock, this is not advised, and will likely cause arch pain.

Is it OK to wear Birkenstocks all day?

We highly recommend not wearing your new Birkenstocks all day, everyday to begin with, especially if you have not worn Birkenstock's before. Birkenstock's take time to break in and mould into ones foot. When you first purchase them, they will feel stiff and inflexible.

Is it bad to walk long distances in Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks are designed to provide comfort and support for casual walking and everyday wear. While they may be suitable for short hikes, they are not recommended for long hikes or strenuous activities.

Why do doctors recommend Birkenstocks?

The construction of the sole offers an especially high level of comfort. A shock-absorbing midsole made of flexible EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) automatically smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and helps ensure a secure step.

Is it healthy to walk in Birkenstocks?

Given all that, you might not be totally surprised to hear that Sayed says they can be beneficial for everyone (he added that he's been wearing Birkenstocks for years). "They're really good for if you have a flat foot or you have arch pain because they have a supportive longitudinal arch.

Why I stopped wearing Birkenstocks?

In her opinion, Birkenstock footwear is the worst thing to wear on your feet unless they are perfectly shaped like your foot - which is apparently quite rare. Because they have a fairly rigid sole, you are literally forcing your foot to conform to a hard shape that is not natural.

Can Birkenstocks worsen plantar fasciitis?

Birkenstocks offer excellent arch support thanks to their contoured footbeds. This can help to reduce the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Birkenstocks are also very well-cushioned, which can help to absorb impact and protect your heels from further injury.

Are Birkenstocks still in style 2023?

Are Birkenstock Bostons In Style In 2023? Yes, Birkenstock Boston Clogs are still trendy this year.

When should I get rid of Birkenstocks?

Some people keep their Birkenstocks for 10 years, while others may only get one summer out of them. How long your Birkenstock footwear lasts is determined by how well you treat them, and how hard you are on your shoes in general. Remember, Birkenstocks are made to be repaired.

Are Crocs good for your feet?

Crocs make for excellent footwear because they are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to slip into and out of. They are also breathable, promote circulation, and have enough room to avoid compression of the toes. Unfortunately, they are not ideal for everyday wear or long periods.

Are Crocs or Birkenstocks better for plantar fasciitis?

What would I recommend instead of Crocs for plantar fasciitis? Wearing a shoe such as Birkenstocks with the soft footbed gives the best of both worlds. Cushion from the memory foam layer AND firm, substantial arch support.

Do Birkenstocks help plantar fasciitis?

Birkenstocks are often popular sandals for plantar fasciitis runners for this reason—the cork molds to your foot's shape and reduces strain on your arch by providing firm, rigid support along the length of your foot.

Is it bad to wear socks with Birkenstocks?

The question is not to be underestimated, given and considering that the president of Birkenstock USA felt compelled to declare, “it is perfectly acceptable to wear Birkenstocks with socks.” It's that “accepted” that makes the difference, as something that should be tacitly tolerated by society, not loved.

Should your toes touch the end of Birkenstocks?


There should be a space of approx. 10 mm between the toes and the footbed edge. If your toes touch the edge of the footbed or if they jut out over it, the sandal is too small. If your toes touch the edge of the footbed or if they jut out over it, the sandal is too small.

What kind of person wears Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock, the 250-year-old German brand best known for its flat, orthopedic sandals embraced by hippies and grandparents, is no longer the antithesis of high-fashion.

Why do podiatrists not recommend Skechers?

But Mr Macaulay said he doesn't like Skechers. 'These slip on ones are made tighter to hold onto your feet, so can squeeze your toes and cause problems like neuromas. ' Neuromas is a thickening of tissue around a nerve in the foot that's been irritated or damaged.

Why are Birks so expensive?

While the initial cost may appear high, it is essential to consider the quality, craftsmanship, and unique features that make them worth the investment. High-quality materials: Birkenstock shoes are primarily made from premium, natural materials such as high-grade leather, cork, and natural latex.

How long do Birkenstocks last?

They have been reported to last many years and last over a decade when adequately cared for and treated. It may survive indefinitely with reasonable care and maintenance, as well as suitable and timely repair. The more time you spend in your Birkenstocks, the more ease you will get with their use.

Are Birkenstocks good for your back?

Birkenstocks. Birkenstocks feature a soft food bed that helps with back pain. These days, Birkenstocks come in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns, so they are now stylish as well as practical.

Are Birkenstocks good for neuropathy?

If you're a person with diabetes, neuropathy, or vascular issues, the constant rubbing between your toes can lead to blisters and wounds. Like all sandals, including Birks, your toes are left completely exposed and unprotected. Frequently stubbing your toes can cause toenail damage and even ingrown toenails.

Why is Birkenstock so uncomfortable?

Birkenstocks are known for their unique design that provides excellent support and comfort to the feet. However, some people may experience discomfort or pain in their knees while wearing Birkenstocks. One possible reason for this is that Birkenstocks have a flat footbed that doesn't have any arch support.

Can you get Birkenstocks wet?

While Birkenstocks are not meant for water, they will not be ruined if they get wet…...within reason. Should you get caught in a downpour, or get pushed into a pool with them on, just put them in a corner at room temperature and let them air dry naturally. Don't put them in the sun. Don't try to blow dry them.

Are Birkenstocks good for your hips?

The BIRKENSTOCK footbed – Ultimate comfort

When your individual foot's anatomy is perfectly underpinned during each step, you'll feel the positive effect throughout your entire body. The result: healthy feet, knee and hip joints, an upright posture and healthy and strong feet, allowing you to feel truly good.


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