Should I invest in KFintech IPO? (2024)

Should I invest in KFintech IPO?

Brokerage firms have a mixed review on the company. A few suggest it is as a long term player citing its strong position in the duopoly market, whereas others suggest to keep off the issue citing rich valuations and complete OFS status. Investors looking for twin engines of quality and growth.

Is it good to buy Kfintech IPO?

KFin Technologies IPO Review (May apply)

It suffered a setback in FY21 but now is on track. Based on its financial performance so far, the issue appears fully priced discounting all near-term positives. Cash surplus investors may consider an investment with a long-term perspective.

Is Kfintech a buy or not?

Kfin Technologies has TTM P/E ratio 35.80 as compared to the sector P/E of 20.94. There are 9 analysts who have initiated coverage on Kfin Technologies. There are 3 analysts who have given it a strong buy rating & 4 analysts have given it a buy rating.

Is it good to invest in new IPO?

IPO Offers access to early-stage companies for long-term wealth creation. IPOs provide transparent pricing and affordable entry points, which may be beneficial for small investors. Smart investors should track upcoming IPOs for wealth-building opportunities.

Which IPO is best to invest now?

IPO NameLTP ()CHG (%)
Kay Cee Energy & Infra Ltd335520.37
Trident Techlabs Ltd205.6487.43
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd179.6461.25
Amic Forging Ltd701456.35
6 more rows

What is the future of Kfintech?

Future Growth

KFin Technologies is forecast to grow earnings and revenue by 15.7% and 12% per annum respectively. EPS is expected to grow by 15.6% per annum. Return on equity is forecast to be 21.6% in 3 years.

Is Kfintech safe for mutual funds?

Our software and solutions are highly resilient, secure and scalable even as they are built on mobile-first micro services architecture driven and cloud-ready frameworks.

What is the target price for KFin?

View 4 reports from 3 analysts offering long term price targets for KFIN Technologies Ltd.. KFIN Technologies Ltd. has an average target of 538.00. The consensus estimate represents a downside of -19.23% from the last price of 666.0500. Reco - This broker has downgraded this stock from it's previous report.

What is the expected listing price of KFintech IPO?

The company reported revenue of ₹464 crores in 2022 9M against revenues of ₹486 crores in 2021. The IPO price band is fixed at ₹347 to ₹366 Per Equity Share. The KFin Technologies IPO to list on NSE and BSE.

Who owns KFintech?

Mumbai/Hyderabad: Karvy Fintech, which is majority-owned by General Atlantic (GA) and serves several mutual funds, corporates, insurance companies and banks, on Monday said it has rechristened itself as KFin Technologies, to disassociate from the 'Karvy' brand.

Do stocks usually go up after IPO?

According to Statista, first-day IPO stock performance does historically show returns. In 2020, when 471 companies (including blank-check holding companies) went public, the average first-day IPO gain was 36%. That broke the previous record in 2013 of 21%.

Why not to invest in IPO?

IPOs are risky because of a variety of things. These are new companies. Many of the IPOs about which investors are excited are so new, and they don't make money. Not much is known about the company and you have to keep money in readiness to invest in those.

Is IPO better than stock?

Price: The price of shares in an IPO may be fixed or variable within a given range. However, prices of regular stocks or FPOs are market and demand-driven. Profitability: Generally, IPOs are deemed to be more profitable than FPOs. Issuer: Unlisted companies issue IPOs, while only listed companies can issue FPOs.

Which IPO gives highest return?

Best 10 IPOs of India (By Listing Gains)
#Issue NameListing Date
1Sigachi Industries LimitedNov 15, 2021
2Paras Defence And Space Technologies LimitedOct 01, 2021
3Religare Enterprises LimitedNov 21, 2007
4Vishal Retail LtdJul 04, 2007
6 more rows

What is the most successful IPO?

List of the Biggest IPOs of All Time
  • Saudi Aramco - $25.6 billion.
  • Alibaba Group - $21.7 billion raise.
  • Softbank Corp - $21.3 billion.
  • NTT Mobile - $18.1 billion.
  • Visa - $17.86 billion.
  • AIA - $17.78 billion.
  • EneL SpA - $16.45 billion.
  • Facebook - $16.45 billion.

When should I sell my IPO shares?

As per research and surveys conducted by several traders, most IPOs tend to perform well on their listing days. The performance of an IPO also largely depends upon the timing and market situation it is listed in. However, selling on a listing day is always better than selling after two to three years.

Is karvy same as KFinTech?

Are KFin Tech same as Karvy? Yes, the company was previously known as Karvy Fintech. In November 2018, private-equity fund General Atlantic acquired an 83.5% stake in the company.

What is the new name for KFinTech?

BSE - Corporate Announcement. THERMAX LTD. We have been informed by the Share Transfer Agent of the Company vide their email dated December 10, 2019 that its name has been changed from "Karvy Fintech Private Limited" to "KFin Technologies Private Limited" with effect from December 5, 2019.

What is the old name for KFinTech?

Karvy FinTech (name changed to KFinTech after divesting), Incorporated in 1978, and started operation in 1984 as a Fintech company for providing digital mutual fund services.

Which mutual fund comes under KFintech?

6Edelweiss Mutual
7IDBI Mutual
8Groww Mutual
19 more rows

Who is the CEO of KFintech?

Sreekanth Nadella, CEO, KFin Technologies told businessline that the mutual fund industry has assets worth $500 billion and AIF has an asset under management of about $100 billion in India. Of this, Kfin manages assets worth $200 billion of mutual fund AUM and about $15 billion from AIF in India.

Is KFintech part of Karvy?

The rebranding would help the company reflect its independent identity.

What is the price target for KFin Technologies in 2025?

Key Takeaways from Forecasted Price for KFINTECH from 2024 to 2030
YearInitial TargetMid-Year Target
3 more rows

What is the IPO price of KFin Technologies share?

The KFin Technologies IPO lot size is 40 shares while the price band is fixed at ₹347 to ₹366 per share.

What is the target stock price future?

According to the issued ratings of 28 analysts in the last year, the consensus rating for Target stock is Moderate Buy based on the current 14 hold ratings and 14 buy ratings for TGT. The average twelve-month price prediction for Target is $156.15 with a high price target of $200.00 and a low price target of $116.00.


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