What celebrities live on Hilton Head island? (2024)

What celebrities live on Hilton Head island?

See celebrity homes around Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Tybee Island, and Savannah, including John Mellencamp, Michael Jordan, Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock, Paula Deen, Ted Turner, and Arthur Blank.

What celebrities have houses in Hilton Head?

See celebrity homes around Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Tybee Island, and Savannah, including John Mellencamp, Michael Jordan, Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock, Paula Deen, Ted Turner, and Arthur Blank.

Does any celebrity live in South Carolina?

Famous residents of South Carolina include Darius Rucker, Bill Murray, and Reese Witherspoon. South Carolina has produced notable figures in the entertainment industry. Many celebrities choose to call South Carolina home due to its charming culture and history.

What celebrities live on Daufuskie Island South Carolina?

Moving from area to area is like entering different planets, populated by homeowners like musician John Mellencamp and former NHL star Mark Messier. The divergent fates of these communities reflect the ups and downs of the market for high-end golf communities in the South.

Why is Hilton Head Island famous?

With one of the top 10 family beaches in the U.S., an array of world-class golf courses, abundant natural beauty, and a spirit you won't find anywhere else, Hilton Head Island offers a relaxing, laid-back, and welcoming vibe that makes it a perfect vacation destination.

Where is Michael Jordan's house in Hilton Head?

The 3,150 square foot home is in the gated Wexford Plantation golf and tennis community and is listed for $749,000. Kelly Ruhlin of Weichert Realtors is the listing agent. She tells WJCL that Jordan used the home along with his parents. The home was built in 1985 and was purchased by Jordan in 1988 for $550,000.

Does Michael Jordan have a home in Hilton Head?

Jordan, who played for the Chicago Bulls at the time, purchased the three-bedroom home in 1988 for $550,000. The NBA Hall of Famer used the luxury property as a vacation home.

Where do the richest people in South Carolina live?

Richest Cities in South Carolina
  • Tega Cay. The richest city in South Carolina is Tega Cay. ...
  • Fort Mill. Another one of the richest cities in South Carolina is Fort Mill. ...
  • Bluffton. Another one of South Carolina's wealthiest cities is Bluffton. ...
  • Hilton Head. ...
  • James Island. ...
  • Charleston. ...
  • Lexington. ...
  • Greer.
Jul 26, 2023

Where do celebrities hang out in Charleston SC?

The Ordinary, Husk, and The Alley are just a few of the exclusive clubs and eateries in Charleston that are well-liked by celebrities. Famous people frequently dine at these places or show up at private events there.

Do any celebrities live in Myrtle Beach?

Vanna White, hostess and letter turner on the television show Wheel of Fortune was born and raised right in North Myrtle Beach. Vanna has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She still makes regular trips to her home town.

Does John Mellencamp live in Hilton Head?

John Mellencamp reportedly has a home on Daufuskie. But generally speaking, the 5,000-acre island tucked between Hilton Head Island and Tybee Island, Ga., stays under the radar.

What celebrity lives on Tybee Island?

Sandra Bullock isn't the only celebrity to discover the tranquility of Tybee. Other stars have also been keeping it under their hat such as musician-actor John Mellencamp and best-selling-author Mary Kay Andrews who also have homes on the island.

How expensive is it to live on Hilton Head Island?

Hilton Head Island's housing expenses are 23% higher than the national average and the utility prices are 1% higher than the national average. Transportation expenses like bus fares and gas prices are 9% lower than the national average. Hilton Head Island has grocery prices that are 8% higher than the national average.

Why is it so dark on Hilton Head Island?

Hilton Head At Night

From May through August, we draw our curtains and shades if we live along the ocean so as not to disorient the tiny Loggerhead hatchlings trying to find their way to the sea.

Is Hilton Head like the Hamptons?

Hilton Head Island is also called "The Hamptons of the South" for a reason. About 80% of the island's residential land is now dedicated to private communities. The tall gates and steep prices keep some people in and other people out.

Where is LeBron James houses?

LeBron owns two homes in the LA suburb of Brentwood. One he bought in 2017 for $24.5 million which appears to be his main residence and is often featured on his Instagram. The home was built that same year so has a modern vibe with marble finishes in almost every room.

Can you still buy Michael Jordan's house?

Michael Jordan's Chicago mansion is still on the market after 10 years. Jordan has tried to sweeten the pot by cutting the price nearly in half and throwing in a complete set of Air Jordans with the purchase of the house. And yet, it remains unsold and he pays more than $100,000 in annual property taxes.

Where is Michael Jordan's old mansion?

The basketball legend's 56,000-square-foot, 7-acre compound is in Highland Park, Illinois — a suburb of Chicago. According to a video from Concierge Auctions, Jordan moved into the home in 1994 and lived there for 19 years. The home is filled with quirky customizations and nods to the star's athletic career.

Where does Michael J Jordan live now?

Where is Michael Jordan's house in North Carolina?

North Carolina

One property is a lakefront villa which Jordan purchased in 2013 for $2.8 million. Situated in Cornelius at Jetton Park on Lake Norman, it includes six bedrooms and is located on the Peninsula golf course which is a luxury country club.

What is Michael Jordan selling his house for?

His fully-furnished estate, which has nine bedrooms and 19 bathrooms, is currently valued at around 15 million dollars. At his house you can also find is a piano room, a game room equipped with a pool table, a poker table, a gym, an upstairs library, a large wine cellar and a basketball court.

Who is the richest man in SC?

Alabama, New Hampshire and Vermont also have billionaires now, unlike four years ago. So, who is the richest person in South Carolina? Robert Faith, 59 of Charleston has the distinction with a net worth of $5.2 billion, Forbes states.

Who is the richest people in SC?

Forbes has released its annual 400 Richest People in America list, and South Carolina can boast a member. Bob Faith, founder, chairman and CEO of Charleston-based Greystar, a property and investment management and development services company, ranks No. 182 on the list with an estimated worth of $5.8 billion.

What is the richest small town in South Carolina?

According to the report, the richest small town in all of South Carolina is Kiawah Island, not to be confused with the most expensive place to live in the state. This small town outside of Charleston has a median income of $216,750.

Where did Reese Witherspoon get married in Charleston?

June 1999: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe get married

They tied the knot in Charleston, South Carolina at the Old Wide Awake Plantation along the Stono River.


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