What NJ beaches have a boardwalk? (2024)

What NJ beaches have a boardwalk?

Ocean City Boardwalk

The eponymous boardwalk, which spans 2.5 miles, is a popular spot for strolling or biking. Take the kids to the historic Gillian's Wonderland Pier or Playland's Castaway Cove, both of which have nostalgic attractions, including an array of coasters and swings.

Which NJ beach has the best boardwalk?

  1. Atlantic City Boardwalk. 5,680. Piers & Boardwalks. ...
  2. Ocean City Boardwalk. 1,915. Piers & Boardwalks. ...
  3. Wildwood Boardwalk. 1,513. Speciality & Gift Shops • Amusement & Theme Parks. ...
  4. Belmar Beach and Boardwalk. 466. ...
  5. Jenkinson's Boardwalk. 879. ...
  6. Point Pleasant Beach. 766. ...
  7. Playland's Castaway Cove. 335. ...
  8. Seaside Heights Boardwalk. 236.

Which NJ Shore Town has a two mile boardwalk?

Ocean City Boardwalk

The eponymous boardwalk, which spans 2.5 miles, is a popular spot for strolling or biking. Take the kids to the historic Gillian's Wonderland Pier or Playland's Castaway Cove, both of which have nostalgic attractions, including an array of coasters and swings.

Which is better Seaside Heights or Point Pleasant?

Point Pleasant is geared towards families with young kids (boardwalk rides are kiddy rides). Wildwood has much more to offer. Seaside has lots for teens, but gets a sleezier crowd. Ocean City is also a nice comromise - very family oriented and upscale.

Does Asbury beach have a boardwalk?

Rain or shine, you're guaranteed to have a good time on the Asbury Park Boardwalk. Check out this live camera feed of the Boardwalk.

What Jersey Shore beach has a boardwalk?

Point Pleasant Beach

The Point Pleasant Boardwalk offers an overload of must-see attractions along its one-mile. The north end of the Boardwalk is home to Jenkinson's Aquarium, featuring everything from sharks and alligators to seals and penguins.

Which New Jersey city has the longest boardwalk?

Login or Register to save this to your Favorites. It's the world's first and longest Boardwalk. Songs have been sung about it.

What is the cleanest beach in New Jersey?

Spring Lake Beach

If you like a peaceful beach vibe, you'll love this pristine Jersey pick, which is often called the Shore's cleanest beach.

Why is Seaside Heights so popular?

As a resort community, the beach, an amusement-oriented boardwalk, and numerous clubs and bars, make it a popular destination.

Is Long Branch or Asbury Park better?

Last year, Asbury Park was named the "Coolest Small Town in America," by Budget Travel magazine. In its June 2018 edition, New Jersey Monthly labeled Long Branch an "upscale see-and-be-seen beach destination," with the best beach retail shopping at the Jersey Shore.

Does Belmar Beach NJ have a boardwalk?

Our boardwalk has been completely a composite material made of wood and plastic fibers that eliminates the possibility of getting a splinter. It's a wonderful place to walk, jog, people-watch or just relax and enjoy the Ocean views.

Why is Asbury Park famous?

From the early days of John Philip Sousa and Arthur Pryor through the big band and jazz eras, the city has more than its fair share of musical history. Contemporary musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Southside Johnny all played at Asbury Park.

Does Long beach NJ have a boardwalk?

The only Long Beach Island boardwalk comes in the form of a roadside bike shop that couples as an ice cream parlor. Despite the unexpected location and the lack of an actual boardwalk, The Boardwalk of Long Beach Island is rightly famous for its own reasons.

What is the number 1 beach in New Jersey?

1. Cape May Beach. Beautiful, weather was a bit chilly but even a chilly day at the beach is a great day!

What is the least crowded beach on the Jersey Shore?

Here are five great quiet beaches along the Jersey Shore, in order from north to south:
  1. Sunset Beach, Cape May County.
  2. Seven Mile Island, Cape May County. ...
  3. Lavallette, Ocean County. ...
  4. Avon-by-the-Sea, Monmouth County. ...
  5. Sandy Hook, Monmouth County. Sandy Hook is the first official beach of the Jersey Shore coastline. ...
Jun 29, 2017

What is the least popular beach in New Jersey?

Pearl Beach

Named one of the least crowded Jersey Shore beaches by USA Today, Pearl Beach is located at the southernmost tip of New Jersey in Cape May. You won't find a boardwalk or any concessions here, but there are plenty of butterflies, birds, dragonflies, and little-bitty crabs in the sand.

Is Wildwood or Ocean City better?

It is a much shorter walk to the Ocean. The sand is not as soft as Wildwoods because OC has to pump sand from the ocean floor every few years and in WW the finer sand washes up making a soft whiter powder. WW has a bigger boardwalk but has less variety of shops that OC as most of WW shops are tee shirt stores.

Does Cape May have a boardwalk?

Cape May's promenade runs parallel to Beach Avenue and stretches for nearly two miles, taking you on a scenic walk or run past Cape May's beaches. Though it's sometimes referred to as a boardwalk, our promenade is actually paved (the last wooden boardwalk was destroyed in the 1962 nor'easter).

Are there any free beaches on the Jersey Shore?

For fun in the sun, look no further than the free beaches at The Wildwoods. The 5-mile stretch of powdery sand welcomes sun seekers of all ages to enjoy boogie-boarding, body surfing, playing Frisbee, sandcastle building and just relaxing. These beaches also host a number of events throughout the summer.

Is Asbury Park beach free?

Children 12 and under are free and do not need a beach pass to access the beach, but must be supervised by an adult. Limit four (4) season beach badges per person. Senior and teen season beach badges can be purchased at a discounted rate. ID showing proof of age must be presented at time of transaction.

Is Point Pleasant beach free?

Beach Badges are for the Maxson Avenue Beach and the River Avenue Beach in Point Pleasant Borough. Children 5 and under are free. Ages 6-59 are $20. 60+ are $10.

How long is Belmar Boardwalk?

Our mile long boardwalk offers incredible panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. The boardwalk and beach area is located on Ocean Avenue and runs from First to Twentieth Avenues, offers many interesting attractions, shops and eateries along the boardwalk, as well as fun along the extensive stretch of beach.

What is the wealthiest town in New Jersey?

50 Richest Cities in New Jersey
RankCityMean Household Income
2Saddle River$330,303
3Short Hills$428,352
46 more rows
Sep 11, 2023

What is the least crowded beach in Ocean City NJ?

14th Street Beach provides shade from the blazing sun with the Fishing Pier, which is also an ideal place to take photos underneath. It's less crowded than 9th Street and the other beaches toward the center of the boardwalk, but still extremely close to everything the boardwalk has to offer.

Is Seaside Heights expensive?

Seaside Heights, New Jersey's cost of living is 14% higher than the national average.


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